The Waxing Process
Each Piece is One of kind as you can
see and made one at a time.
I start with making the base
for the stone (if there is one in
the design).
It is melted from the
underneath to keep the design
The shank is then attached to
the stone base using a hot
wax pen to melt it together.
In this case I'm making a ring
so I make the ring shank to go
with the stone base.
When the ring is finished a
larger piece of wax is attached
to the bottom of the ring.
Then it is attached to the
Rubber Base to get ready for
investing and casting.
Final wax design.  The bezel is
made after the ring is cast and
then soldered onto the ring.
More beads added to enhance
the design.
Again they are melted from
underneath to keep the design
Little beads are rolled with
little pieces of wax and added
to the design.