Custom Made
Follow these steps for starters.
1)  Go through my catalog and find a design you like.  It doesn't matter the shape of the stone,  I make the design around the shape of the
stone you chose (if you chose a design with a stone).
2)  If you picked a design with a stone, pick out what stone you would like, including the size and shape. Do you want it  Faceted or Cabochon?
3)  Do you want 14k Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver?
4)  If it is a ring, what ring size do you want?  If it is a pendant, how long of a chain do you want?
5)  Email me all this information to me and I will draw you a design and email it back to you.  I will also give you an estimate at the time.  
The final price will be determined when the piece is finished and weighed, along with the price of a stone, chain, etc...
                                        It's that easy!
Have your own stone?
Again pick your design (or designs)  and I will draw you a few designs for you to pick from.  Just send me the size and shape of your stone.  
Remember all stones are bezel set,
I do not use prongs.
I am not responsible for any stone breakage or chipping of your stone.
 Although breakage is very rare it can happen, and I will not be
responsible for replacing your stone or refunding the cost of your stone.  Please keep this in mind before you send me your stone.
Design it Yourself
Have your own design in mind?  Feel free to
send me your design thoughts, and I will try to
draw it, or even draw your own.  I will tell you
if I can do it.  Keep in mind that I do only
bezels to set stones.  
Ready to Get that Special Piece Made?
Contact Me

Please Remember, Custom Made Takes Time, please plan on 3-6 weeks
once your design is finalized.  I make each piece with Quality and Satisfaction
in mind, so please be patient.  I'm looking forward to working with you.
Want it Custom Made?
Feel free to contact me with your special orders.  I have a large selection of stones to make that special one of a kind piece for you.   
Please visit my catalog pages to see all of the pieces I have made, pick a design and a stone and I will make you that special piece.